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Pete 'the Producer' Allen 

I founded Carrotcruncher Media in 2018, with a view to offering people who are experts in their field the ability to host and produce their own professional podcasts.  As my clients know, a good sounding podcast can be a businesses most powerful marketing tool.

I've always been passionate about growing audiences through audio entertainment and I LOVE podcasts as a medium, because they're a natural (and inexpensive) way to do that. 

I worked in the Radio industry for 25 years professionally as a Producer and Presenter across the East Midlands on top rated commercial and BBC stations, whilst working part-time as a lecturer in media. 

I work with a team of carefully selected talented freelancers at Carrotcruncher and offer you a personalised service that is second to none. Every podcast has a different set of circumstances, so I work with you to identify your needs and create a solution to make your life as easy as possible; so that initially daunting task of launching a podcast becomes a joy!

We offer regular FREE training sessions if you want to self-produce, and many options if you want the heavy lifting done for you.  We're very different to most podcast production companies.  We aren't an "agency", everything here is about personal service, and all work is done in-house.  There are NO minimum term contracts; I'm sure you'll want to stay here for the right reasons, and if you didn't you could leave at any time!  There are NO deposits or upfront payments; all invoices are sent at the end of the month and payable within 30 days.

Our clients really appreciate the work we do.  Please have a look at some of their kind words in our testimonials.....

Frank Flegg testimonial

Kindly provided by...

Frank Flegg - founder of Ethical Property Partners and host of The  Sophisticated Property Investing Podcast - LISTEN HERE

Amy the Sparky testimonial

Powerfully penned by...

Amy Barratt-Singh "Amy the Sparky" - Electrician, Instagram badass and host of  Women in Trades Podcast - LISTEN HERE

Jez D'Aggy testimonial

Bashed out by...

Jez DAggy - Former professional boxer, personal trainer. at premierperformancetraining.co.uk and host of Boxing Talk with Jez DAggy - The podcast - LISTEN HERE

Elaine Atherton testimonial

Kindly provided by...

Elaine Atherton came to us for advice to grow her existing show.  Pay it Forward is available wherever you get your podcasts. 

To find out more about this service - CLICK HERE for details of our "Grow your Show" Session

Radiantly recorded by...

Jake Lowe - Professional running coach and host of Running with Jake: The PLODcast - LISTEN HERE

Fabulously filmed by...

Anna Geary & Anita Baldwin - founders of Get Savvy Club and hosts of The Marketing Marketing Made Easy Podcast - LISTEN HERE

Jeff Martin testimonial

Smoothly scribed by...

Jeff Martin - founder of Erewash Sound and host of The  Radio Rollback Podcast - LISTEN HERE

Roger Hunt testimonial

Calmly crafted by...

Roger Hunt - Founder  and coach at Aldertree Mindfulness - VISIT HERE

Ash Karamucki testimonial

Dynamically delivered by...

Ash Karamucki - Property investor, facilitator and host of The Enterprise Podcast - LISTEN HERE

Nick Dutton testimonial

Brilliantly biro'd by...

Nick Dutton - Director of Engage Finance and host of The Entrepreneur Academy Podcast - LISTEN HERE

Bethany Unwin testimonial

Skillfully scripted by...

Bethany Unwin  - Actor, educator and host of The  Performer Talks Podcast - LISTEN HERE

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