SERVICES: "Grow your Show": Podcast development session

ONE-to-ONE & Online : £250

A professional sounding podcast can be your best marketing tool.  If yours isn't meeting it's potential, we can work with you to re-position and reinvigorate it.

Think of this service as an "Audit for your podcast".  You'll be working with Pete Allen, who has over 20 years experience of production and coaching within Podcasts and professional radio stations.  These sessions are held online and one-to-one over Zoom, with a written notes after the meeting.

Here are the steps he'll take to help your show meet it's potential:


Identify what you want to achieve with your show.


Check the tech: Ensure your RSS feed is syndicating your show to all major directories and apps, if there's an issue he'll fix it!  


Ensure cover art is effective and meets requirements.


Identify how well Podcast descriptions and copy relate to your target audience and directory search criterias.


Listen through an episode and suggest ways your content could be tweaked to better relate to your target demographic.


Offer feedback on how your presentation style can be improved to grow loyal and engaged listeners, often referring to audio examples from your show.


Suggest production/marketing changes for improvement. 


Offer help with equipment/software to improve the sound quality of your show.  Remember; Sound quality=Perception of brand quality!            

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