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Here's a selection of the shows we produce for clients, highlighting how they get their return on investment.

The Carrotcruncher Podcast Network reaches tens of thousands of engaged listeners every week.  If you want to chat about joining the network, or just finding out more about the power of podcasts, please contact us...


Unicorny - Selbey Anderson

When Dom Hawes and the podcast team from Selbey Anderson wanted to up-level Unicorny, they reached out to Pete from Carrotcruncher.

Pete now fits snuggly into their awesome Production team, editing and mixing audio content and producing video social media assets for upcoming episodes.  He also offers advice for development and growth.

ROI: This rapidly growing and highly respected podcast propels Dom's personal brand, and brings big name marketers into the studio, and helps develops relationships...which as we know; all great business is built upon. 🦄


A-Game: Unfiltered

A-Game: Unfiltered - Smith & Mayhew

When Adam Smith and Adam Mayhew from A-Game Consultancy wanted a top notch studio to record their podcast in, they went to our partners at Yorkshire Podcast Studios in Leeds. 

When they wanted world class post production, content consultancy, a launch plan and shareable social media shorts, they came to us!

ROI: Smith & Mayhew are straight talking coaches who are perfect for their target market.  They demonstrate their coaching approach and no-nonsense attitude in this show, which speeds up the closing process, and turns their followers/listeners into clients quicker.


The Menopause Coach

The Menopause Coach Podcast - Adele Johnston

Adele Johnston is one of the UK's leading menopause coaches, and her mission states that she's  "making menopause mainstream".

In order to make something mainstream you need a large audience, which is why she launched her podcast with Carrotcruncher Media, and joined our network.

ROI: Adele's magnetic personality and awesome knowledge around her subject is demonstrated perfectly throughout each episode of The Menopause Coach, which helps her further build her credibility in this space.  Through her honest and frank conversations on the show, her audience grow to know, like and trust her, then reach out to her for help and advice.


Gorse Culture PODcast

Gorse Culture PODcast : The H.R. Detective Agency!

Jo Gorse is a seasoned H.R. professional, and has a passion for crime fiction.  She has combined the two to create a unique podcast series.  

Each episode features a people puzzle sent in by a listener.  Jo, along with her guest of the week will solve the listener's H.R. issue, relying on their combined experiences and real-world situations. 

ROI: Jo's podcast highlights her as approachable, fun and professional as well as having a wide-ranging background in both public and private sectors.  Listeners become clients.  Boom! 💣


True Crime Investigators UK

True Crime Investigators UK

The True Crime podcast genre is MASSIVE, and there's a whole host of shows available.  True Crime Investigators UK is one of the most credible and highly respected.  That's because the hosts, John and Sally come from a unique perspective.  John was a Police officer for 30 years and spent many of those as a Detective.  Sally also served as a Police officer for 12 years before re-training as a Solicitor and practiced criminal law.

They may be retired, but they continue to investigate cases of interest.  Their depth of content is truly unrivaled, sometimes spending months investigating cases before bringing them to you through this podcast.

Carrotcruncher Media were approached in March 2023 by John and Sally to replace their previous producers.  We now provide a team which supports all aspects of the podcast, including social media and live venue/online events.

ROI: This is a passion project if ever there was one.  John and Sally have been so well received at events such as CrimeCon UK and had such fantastic feedback, they now host their own live ticketed events, which focus on cases covered on this podcast.


On and Off the Pitch

On & Off the Pitch: The Official Nottingham Forest Podcast

In a podcast landscape that's crowded with fan and media company podcasts dedicated to Nottingham Forest, you can imagine our excitement when the club's marketing team reached out to us to help launch their official show.

We offer content support and sound studio production to this world beater of a show.  It's recorded at the club's onsite TV studio—visual elements go live on YouTube to coincide with the Podcast's release and short form video clips are used to promote the show across social media. A chart topping, multi-platform offering. 

Each week Rachel Stringer speaks with guests who are connected with the club, from first team players to celebrity fans.

ROI: This is the ONLY official NFFC podcast, so audiences hear directly from the mouth of the club.  It's a humanised and personality lead approach to marketing.

View the video version

Human Centred Leadership

Human Centred Leadership with Kul Mahay

Kul is one of Europe's leading Emotional Intelligence and leadership Specialists.  He came to Pete at Carrotcruncher with a vision that his podcast would be "a quality product, with a collection of meaningful and intelligent conversations", which we've definitely achieved.

ROI: Within the first couple of months of release, a radio station was so impressed by this show, they secured the rights to create a weekly show of the podcast. 

As well as turning Kul into a radio star, his podcast makes it easy to approach potential clients, and build rapport through having them as a guest on the show.

Also available in video form - WATCH HERE

The Legal Lounge

The Legal Lounge - with

This is one of the UK's leading legal podcasts.  The shows chat about many aspects of law in England and Wales.

ROI: This podcast positions the lawyers at Lanyon Bowdler as being credible and authoritative about their specialisms, but also caring and approachable individuals (who don’t bite!). The firm does some amazing work in the community, as well as working with various charities and industry experts. Guest speakers are invited to share their expertise in some episodes, strengthening ties and highlighting the work Lanyon Bowdler does in these areas.


Sophisticated Property Investing

Sophisticated Property Investing

We love producing this iTunes Top20 Podcast

Frank Flegg and his team from Ethical Property Partners talk about how to invest in property in a Sophisticated manner, for maximum safety and maximum returns.  Frank's unique methods will blow the mind of traditional investors!

ROI: Since launching their Podcast in 2020, Ethical Property Partners have seen the number of inbound monthly enquiries transformed.  The whole team swear by the effectiveness of the podcast - So much so, Frank often waxes lyrical about it on the show. SEE THE PROOF HERE 🎙🤩

To see Frank's testimonial for Pete & the team at Carrotcruncher, CLICK HERE

Epilepsy Sparks Insights

Epilepsy Sparks Insights - with Torie Robinson

We're proud to help Torie create this unique show.  

Whether you have epilepsy, are a family member of somebody who does, or a doctor/scientist or researcher working in the field, the show is designed to help you learn more about epilepsy from a different perspective.  

ROI: This show is available as a podcast and YouTube video - Torie secures regular speaking gigs all around the world because of the strength of her online content. 

To see Torie's testimonial for Pete & the team at Carrotcruncher, CLICK HERE

Running with Jake

Running with Jake

It's not a Podcast, it's a PLODcast! Carrotcruncher Media are happy to work very closely with Jake on the content of this show.

ROI: As well as being fun to create, this podcast helps to grow Jake's coaching business, as he connects with thousands of new listeners every week.  Because of the exposure he gains through the podcast, Jake can step back from posting so often on social media (which is amazing, because social media makes Jake's head want to explode 🤯). 

This show benefits from sponsorship deals with running/fitness brands.

To see Jake's testimonial for Pete & the team at Carrotcruncher, CLICK HERE

Love Mondays Club Podcast

Love Mondays Club

Helen's on a mission to help tutors create profitable businesses without sacrificing all their time.  Love Mondays Club Podcast is a great way for Helen to spread the word.  Each episode contains a well defined subject area, offers practical, actionable advice and no-nonsense business tips.

ROI: Helen's built up an enviable presence on social media, and the podcast accelerates this, further building Helen's credibility within her space. It attracts engaged listeners who key into her personality and content, then become clients of the courses she runs for educators.


Property Marketing made Easy

Property Marketing Made Easy from Get Savvy Club

We LOVE working with the team from Get Savvy Club to bring you this really accessible podcast about propety, marketing, and business.

Anna & Anita are UK based, but have fans all over the world since launching Property Marketing Made Easy in 2020.  Their honesty and unique perspectives are what makes this stand out in a crowded podcast category.

ROI: Their podcast helps them to reach tens of thousands of new potential clients every month.  This show is at the top of their sales funnel and ensures engaged listeners become Get Savvy Club clients.

To see Anna & Anita's testimonial for Pete & the team at Carrotcruncher, CLICK HERE

Precision Medicine Forum Podcast

Precision Medicine Forum Podcast

Precision Medicine Forum facilitate global collaboration within their exciting and fast moving field.  The goal is to unlock a personalised approach to healthcare.

They run global conferences and events to connect leaders within the industry

ROI: The podcast is used to build connections and rapport with professionals and leaders within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, and sits alongside PMF's other marketing channels.  Advertising and sponsorship is also offered on this podcast

To find out more about Precision Medicine Forum, CLICK HERE

UK Virtual School


Home schooling is something that came to the masses during 2020 (skillfully managed not to mention the reason there!)

Since then, the industry has blown up, and UK Virtual School is a pioneer. 

They use this podcast to introduce the audience to their amazing teachers, some of the students and their families, and to give an overview of online schooling by answering some of the most common questions.  

ROI: The show reassures the listener about the power and validity of this relatively new way of schooling - Listeners enrol their children, and their children receive a better and more individually focused education.  Everyone's a winner. 


Reclaiming Yourself

Reclaiming yourself - with Suzanne Keatley

Suzanne is CEO of Fitology Hub - which is the women's only gym brand.

Fitology Hub is changing the way women experience "the gym", and a lot of this is achieved through their awesome sense of community.

This is a wonderful listen for women currently training at the Hub, or women toying with the idea of using strength training to improve their body and mind. You'll hear uplifting, empowering, and at times, intimate conversations with women just like you!

ROI: The show highlights the holistic benefits of strength training, not just the obvious physical benefits. It helps to build the sense of community further at Fitology Hub. The podcast is honest, inclusive and truly empowering. 


The Cast from Buxton Opera House

The Cast - From Buxton Opera House

When the ICONIC Buxton Opera House wanted to create a quality podcast to enhance their brand in the digital space, they came to see Pete at Carrotcruncher Media.

The result is a regular peek behind the scenes with host, Helen Naylor.  There's conversations with Directors, Producers, Performers and the backstage crew that keep the opera house running like clockwork.  

Audiences and fellow creatives will find the podcast to be engaging, conversational, and at times shocking!  (Listen out for the regular feature "Only when you work in theatre!")


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