In property and want a podcast?

You're PASSIONATE about your property business, and lots of other investors (who actually know LESS than you), seem to have a podcast! You KNOW that you're just as knowledgeable as them, but know very little about putting a professional sounding show together.
LET ME TO CARE OF IT FOR YOU - I specialise in creating podcasts for property people.  I'll advise you on any equipment you'll need (for less than £100), and you'll record your content, then I'll do the rest

Why do you want to start your own property podcast?

Build your property brand & open up opportunities

I'll register your podcast with all the biggest platforms so you can be heard across the globe

My team will develop your "audio brand", by creating openers, closers and mid-roll messaging, using professional voice talent, to give you a polished sound and get your listeners to react to your calls to action. 

J.V. partners & investors

Your new podcast is YOUR platform for attracting new business partners.  Your awesome knowledge and magnetic personality will reach far and wide! 

Your Podcast will grow your credibility and make you connections with leaders  in property who may have always seemed seemed out of your realm, until now!

Build your property mentoring services

You're a born educator, and that's great news because people listen to podcasts primarily to learn, and then to be entertained. 

Your podcast is the perfect platform to position yourself as the "go to" property person to learn from.  This will lead to you being booked to speak on large stages, and growing further. 

Whatever your reason for launching a property podcast, I'll work with you to make it succeed.  I have over 20 years of professional radio and podcast experience, and when combined with your knowledge of the property business, we could make perfect partners.

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