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Running with Jake - The PLODcast

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Episode 5 - "The Ben Smith 401 Special"

We're REALLY EXCITED to give you the first of our special episodes..

This is an in depth chat with Ben Smith (Yeah...the fella who did 401 marathons in 401 days!). Since the record breaking challenge, Ben has appeared all over the TV, Radio and in numerous publications. He's also a motivational speaker and spreads his messages of positivity by making school visits.

On this episode, Ben speaks openly about his reasons for running, the importance of spreading positivity and tells us all about his awesome new challenge, "USA 2020"

If you know somebody who thinks running can't change lives, get them to listen to this episode! 

Find out more about Ben by hitting these links, and please support him in his brilliant charity work.

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Buy the book :

Episode 4 - "Injuries, goals and healthy flapjacks"

On this episode, we chat to Lisa; after a big injury, life got in the way of her running.  Will Jake help her back on track to find her mojo again?

Why a slight shift in mental attitude can make all the difference to your training and why it's so important to really care about your goal.  This is audio from a Facebook live that Jake did a couple of months ago.  If you want more FB live tips, check out the Running with Jake Facebook page.

Jake chases a complete stranger round a park and shouts "Excuse me...who are you running from?" again (and somehow doesn't get punched!).  VIDEO EVIDENCE is here!  Thanks for being an awesome sport Rebekah, from The Event Foundry (If YOU let Jake chase you around a park, we'll plug your business too!)

#AskJake: Each week, we'll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it. On this episode, Amelia want to know whether she can still run if she's got a cold".  Jake's not a doctor but says that if you feel the cold above your neck, then yes you can train to a lower intensity.  If however you can feel it on your chest, it's a "no no"!  (Skip to 26:10 to hear it)

"Everything that you ever wanted is just outside of your comfort zone.... so get out of YA GODDAMNED COMFORT ZONE!"

Episode 3 - "Defying age and a frantic Grandma"!

On this episode, we chat to Michelle from - She'll tell you how to make the world a better place whilst running.

Jake gives his Top Tips for time trials and discusses the benefits of including them in your training.  

We catch up with the LEGENDARY David Lloyd - who's defying the ageing process through a new found love of running - He's often seen overtaking younger people at the Nottingham Parkrun.

#AskJake: Each week, we'll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it.  On this episode, Lisa wants to know about the benefits of "strides".  Find out the answer by skipping to 31:20

"Run when you can, walk if you have to, CRAWL if you must, just never, ever, EVER give up!"

Episode 2 - "Chasing a Paralympic Gold Medalist"

Jake and Pete have finally agreed on the name of the PLODcast and they're in search of Paralympic Gold Medalist (and top man), Richard Whitehead.

Jake gives his 3 tips to feel less pressure and more enjoyment from your runs, and we talk all things running with Ultramarathoner Jacki Johnson 

#AskJake: Each week, we'll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it.  On this episode, Steve wants to know whether running with music is a good thing or a bad thing.  Jake thinks it depends on the type of music you're listening to; higher octane music naturally will help you increase pace, but that can lead to burn out if you're on a long run.

"A comfort zone is a beautiful place, BUT nothing ever grows there"

Episode 1 - "The Pilot"

Meet the team:  Jake Lowe is your host.  He's been a running coach for the last 10 years, training his clients one-on-one.  He's really excited to launch The PLODcast because it'll give him a chance to inspire and train his audience en masse.

Pete is Jake's Producer - In his own words, he's "not a running guy" (but who knows what the first few episodes hold!)

On this episode, we investigate whether Jake's upbeat and motivational techniques as a coach are actually harrassment or not 🤣.  We have a very honest chat with @TomWatts about his reasons for running, and Jake approaches a stranger who's running in a park and asks "Excuse me...who are you running from?"

#AskJake: Each week, we'll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it.  On this episode, Frankie wants to know how often she should take carb gels during her first marathon.  Jake suggests that you should go on time rather than mileage; every 30 mins think about taking on some form of energy, but always test your strategy in training.

As Rocky Balboa once said "It ain't about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and still keep moving forward" 👊🏽