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Running with Jake - The PLODcast

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Episode 022 - “The Dr of Happiness, and the worst Q&A ever!"

On this episode we talk to the UK’s only Dr of Happiness, Andy Cope, about positive psychology and the art of 'being brilliant’. Andy tells us that striking the balance of happiness is important, and we discover an 18th century word - Grinagog: someone that is so happy you want to punch their lights out! Check out Andy’s great work at 

#AskJake: Each week, we'll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it. On this episode however, Jake decides to handover to Pete for the answers as he believes it will be good for his development. He has a stab at two questions - “How do you get rid of medial tibial stress syndrome?” and “What’s the best way to pace a 5K time trial?”. To hear Pete’s groundbreaking answers skip to 29:58.

“Remember ALWAYS…. that happiness is an inside job!"

Episode 021 - "Gold medalist Ollie Hynd & that show on Netflix about dancing!"

On this episode we have a chat with Ollie Hynd MBE and find out how lockdown's treating him.  Turns out he's thriving and trying out routines that aren't in his usual training sessions.  He's also spending quite a bit of time hanging out with mates on the XBox.....and we get to sound the "PODCAST EXCLUSIVE" alarm again, as he tells us something he's never told any other media outlet.

#AskJake: Each week, we'll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it. On this episode, Gillian wants to know what the best formula is for working out your maximum heart rate.  Jake  explains there are many, but none are particularly reliable.  A common one is taking 220, minus your age, but research reveals that could be inaccurate by 15bpm either side of the answer.  If you want an accurate answer, the best thing is to book a lab session and have an incremental treadmill test.

"Damn it!  Make your long runs so epic, Morgan Freeman should narrate them!"

Episode 020 - "Sat Bains, Marathon paced training & Trevor McDonald!"

This is an episode of big surprises and nostalgia!  Not only is Jake related to international Michelin star chef Sat Bains, he's also mates with Sir Trevor McDonald OBE (and has the evidence to prove it!)

You'll hear Jake's chat with "Trev" from circa 1998, where Jake sounds like a 12 year old and Trevor sounds like a GODDAMNED LEGEND!  We also catch up with Sat and speak about how important a workout routine is for mental health, especially in these times, not only for him but also for his staff at Restaurant Sat Bains

Now lockdown restrictions have been relaxed a little, we're able to spend more time doing what we love, so Jake will be talking about the pros and cons of marathon paced training.

#AskJake: Each week, we'll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it. On this episode, Alison is training for a marathon and wants to know if she should break up her long run at the weekend in to two runs over the day.  Jake say's that splitting the run is good to do from an injury point of view, but won't prepare her body sufficiently for the endurance required for the marathon.

"Healthy is NOT a is a way of living!"

Episode 019 - “Base training, ‘proper runners’, and twerking for charity?!”

On this episode… after Pete’s recent revelation that he has started the Couch to 5K programme, he still feels like he is the non running guy of the show. Jake challenges him on this and asks the question “What would make you a proper runner??”.

Jake shares his marathon base building tips to help maximise the extra time we now have since lockdown, and get us primed and ready for when the hard training begins again. To understand your training paces check Jack Daniels' pace calculator 

And we chat to Paula from Cancer Research UK Race For Life who are now looking to beat cancer AND Covid 19 in their new Race For Life at Home! You don’t just have to run to take part you know? You can jump, skip… or twerk your way to raising money for this incredible cause.

#AskJake: Each week, we'll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it. On this episode, Daniel is fairly new to running and would like some tips on using Strava. Jake suggests not just using the mobile app for Strava, but also look at the desktop version as this gives you a lot more features and control. For the full explanation, skip to 37:30.

“There is no elevator to success……. man you’ve just got to take the stairs!”

Episode 018 - "Pete the running guy, filthy kids and the record breaker!"

This week, Jake brands Pete a "running guy" - the episode cover would be proof to the contrary!  The thing he's wearing is neither a boiler suit or an Ice cream man uniform,, it's just a funny body 😂!

We have friend of the show Ben Smith on (He did 401 marathons in 401 days y'know... the record breaker).  He gives some great postponement advice, after his new challenge has been postponed until next year.  If you missed our Ben Smith Special episode, HEAR IT HERE.

#AskJake: Each week, we'll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it. On this episode, Rob wants to know how he can spice up his easy runs to make them more interesting. (Skip to 29'10" for the answer)

"Your spring marathon may have been deferred, but that isn't your biggest challenge...Your BIGGEST CHALLENGE is having to cut your own hair!"

Episode 017 - “The 'Marty Rose’, slow runs, and virtual dates”

On this episode, we chat with Exercise Scientist, and all round nice guy, Callum Thomas about the physiological benefits of easy running.

Callum talks stroke volume, which is the amount of blood your heart pumps around the body in a single beat. Hey did you know that when you run beyond 60% of your maximum heart rate, sure your heart beats faster, but it won’t actually beat any harder? I know… crazy huh?! Bring on the slow running!

Oh yeah we also talk about the new lockdown pastime we all share - birdwatching- and Jake takes Callum to task after he disappeared during a Live Running Q&A for a ‘virtual date’!

#AskJake: Each week, we'll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it. On this episode, Kev has just started running and he wants to know how to keep his breathing under control. Jake talks about the importance of patience, and trusting the process. He says that in time, Kev will develop a broader range of speeds that he can run at, and this will enable him to keep his breathing in check. For the full explanation, skip to 31:10.

“Look either do or do not……. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TRY!"

Episode 016 - "Home working"

On this episode, we finally have a proper catch up with PARALYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST, friend of the show and all round good fella, Richard Whitehead.  Turns out he's gone rogue since lockdown, and doing too much upper body work in his home gym and currently resembles "The Hulk".  He's also eating too much red meat and drinking too much cider!  🤣

He talks about the importance of mental wellbeing during these odd times, and speaks about how he felt when Tokyo 2020 was put back a year.  It's a good chat with plenty of honesty and just the right amount of pisstaking! 

#AskJake: Each week, we'll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it. On this episode,  Teresa wants to know how long a warm-up should be.  Jake says it depends on the session you're doing...

If it's a short easy run, then a few minutes walk before, or set off at a slower pace.  If however you have a more intense session planned your warm-up will need to be somewhere in the region of 15-20 minutes; initially a little job to warm the body, followed by a serious of strides (relaxed sprints). For the full explanation, skip to 26:10.

"ONLY THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE - So stop telling porkies!"

Episode 015 - "Isolation hair, Tips for new runners & Jake's left speechless!"

Many people are cutting their own hair whilst in isolation. Jake's no different, which surprises Pete the Producer because Jake's normally "weird" about his hair. When he's turned up at Pete's to record the PLODcast previously, the first thing he does is request the use of a hairdryer!  

You'll hear Jake "lost for words" on this episode, because his Performance Community did something to ease the pain of his broken ankle - It was all filmed, you can  SEE IT HERE.  Sidenote: this was all arranged and recorded before the Covid-19 outbreak.

If you're a new runner, Jake has his 14-Tips for new runners on this episode, have a listen for the full explanations, but here are the Tips:

1. Set a target - Which could be a distance or time.
2. WHY do you want to start to run? Understand your reasons for doing this.
3. Full immersion - Read books, speak to people, seek help.
4. One size doesn't fit all - We all make progress at different rates.
5. Don't expect to love every session.
6. Beware the temptation to over-hydrate and over-dress.
7. Don't expect "easy" sessions to actually feel easy!
8. Understand the stages of learning and know where you currently are.
9. Stay patient.
10. Run on grass to reduce impact.
11. Don't be afraid to ask for help.
12. Focus on your feet - Wear the right footwear.
13. Get creative - Choose different routes.
14. Don't take short cuts!

#AskJake: Each week, we'll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it. On this episode, James wants to know if the rest is essential, as he's following a training plan which includes 3x1Km with a 2 minute rest between each km. Jake explains that the rest is essential during interval training. Hear the full explanation by skipping to 35mins in.

"Don't stop when you're tired, stop when you're DEAD (....but don't die, OBVIOUSLY!)"

Episode 014 - Premature ageing, Marathon Marcus & The Stairs of DEATH!

Jake and Marty's isolation is becoming dangerous!  They live in a very lovely little anex, their stairs however aren't so "lovely", in fact they have become known as The Stairs of DEATH!   See them HERE.  

Today's guest is Marathon Marcus.  Jake chats to him about breaking 3 hours (having narrowly missed it by 19-seconds in New York).  Marcus is a 6-star finisher and a big ambassador for mental health.  His new Podcast 'A Runner's Life' is definitely worth a listen on Spotify.  You can also check his Website and his Insta.

#AskJake: Each week, we'll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it.  On this episode, Rebecca wants to know how often she should buy new running shoes.  Jake explains that there isn't a "magic answer", as it depends on your strike pattern, your weight, surfaces you run on and many other factors.  However, as a rule of thumb; have a close look at the sole of your shoes after about 400 miles... if you don't already log the mileage of your shoes, start doing it now.

" If you really, TRULY believe that you CAN, then you are already halfway there."

Episode 013 - "Bladder control, time management & InstaGRAN!"

With so many Mother’s Day disruptions up and down the country, on this episode we put a call in to Jake’s super positive 84 year old Grandma to see how she’s doing. (...and to let her know that Jake's okay!)

With the growing number of people now working from home, Jake shares a time management tool that he actually uses himself - the Pomodoro Technique. This increases productivity, BUT with Jake’s little twist it also improves your physical wellbeing!  Get your hands on a Pomodoro timer here on either Apple Appstore  or Google Play.

#AskJake: Each week, we'll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it. On this episode, Charlotte wants some tips on bladder control (hers keeps "sloshing around" when she's on a long run).  Here's Jake's answer, in the form of a handy VIDEO!

“If you don’t fill your life with challenges that inspire you….. it will get filled with challenges that don’t!"

Episode 012 - "Change of plan: Coronavirus and it's impact"

This episode was planned to be a 'Marathon Special' - That had to change then!  

With the delay of so many Marathons due to the coronavirus outbreak, Jake offers advice to you if your event has been postponed and you're feeling frustrated.  He talks about being in your "maintenance mode" and how this extra training time doesn't necessarily need to be seen as a bad thing. 

We've got Lindsy James on the show, who's a massively motivated record breaking runner and Director of Active Fusion.  Jake chats to her about her thoughts surrounding all of the marathon postponements and how it affects her training.

#AskJake: Each week, we'll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it. On this episode, Tom's in a "panic" about the rescheduled London marathon date being too close to Berlin and wants to know if he'd be able to compete in them both.

"Remember : Success come to those who are willing to get their hands dirty....But just DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE!"

Episode 011 - “X Factor exercises, and a Random Act of Motivation”

With Jake still on the injury bench he is determined to pick the brains of as many injury experts as possible, and on this episode we chat to Physiotherapist Rob Smith at RS Therapy in Derby. Rob is all about ‘bullet-proofing the body’ BEFORE an injury strikes. He’s got some great little exercises you can do while watching X-factor…. although he also confirms that they aren’t ’show specific’. Check them out here :  WATCH NOW

We put a call in to an unsuspecting runner who has lost their mojo and Jake flexes his motivational muscles to get them back on track, in Random Act of Motivation!   Don’t forget to pay particular attention to this episode’s cover photo.  I’m tellin’ you man… she is DEFINITELY leaning up against a slice of burnt toast!

Don’t forget, if you know of someone who is in desperate need of a little encouragement to help them find their mojo then drop us a message at and tell us a little bit about them.

#AskJake: Each week, we’ll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it.  On this episode, Natasha wants to know if it’s a good idea to stretch before a run.  Jake thinks dynamic stretches are better before you start, and to save your static stretches for after the run.  For the complete answer skip to 21.55.

“Remember that tough people DO NOT last, but tough times DO! ….Wait that’s wrong.”

Episode 010 - Injury, sports therapy and a Buzz Lightyear problem.

Jake's managed to injure his ankle, in a BIG way.  His aim of sub 3 Hours at Manchester is NOT going to happen😥.  On this episode you'll hear all about his time at A&E and a bizarre injury involving Buzz Lightyear (with flick out wings!).  If you don't understand the Spanish reference, watch THIS 🤣

We catch up with Jen Wilson from the Human Performance Unit at The University of Derby who explains about gait analysis and talks about rehab plans and the importance of movement quality.

#AskJake: Each week, we'll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it.  On this episode, Coleen wants to know the best way of warming up for a 10k.  Jake advises to always warm up for a 10k if you're intending to run it quickly, and to base your warm-up on time rather than distance (so rather than warming up for a mile, warm up for 10 or 20 minutes).  Hear the explanation by skipping to 25:25.

"The pain that your experience today will be THE STRENGTH that you feel tomorrow"

Episode 009 - “The ratings rant and an injured friend”

On this episode Jake and Pete the Producer get ‘bent out of shape’ over ratings. “Just let it go boys!"

You'll hear Jake's theory about the 18 mile point in a marathon being more challenging than the 20 mile point.  It (kind of) makes sense, when you think about it!

Jake finally catches up with his mate Darren - a man desperate to see two things… the finish line of a marathon and "the penis under his belly”.

#AskJake:  Each week, we’ll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it. On this episode, John wants to know “Is it better to take short strides or big strides when tackling hills?”. Find out the answer by skipping to 29:43.

“Running with Jake - The PLODcast.  Please rate and review..... WE'RE DEFINITELY WORTH MORE THAN ONE STAR!"

Episode 008 - "The Star Baker and a plod across Oz”

We catch up with one of Jake’s runners who continues to take herself well and truly out of her comfort zone.

After getting lost somewhere in Nottinghamshire we finally manage to catch up with adventure seeker Nikki Love about her next big a thing - a world record attempt with a little 'plod’ across Australia!  For more details check out Nikki’s page and lend her your support. 

#AskJake Each week we take one of your questions and Jake answers it. In this episode Tom wants to know the best way to choose a target time for his half marathon.  Skip to 31:26 for the answer (that means fast-forward… don’t actually skip!).

“If you fail to prepare, then you are preparing to fail….. SO YOU BEST GET PREPPING!"

Episode 007 - "Time obsession, and adrenaline junkies"

Pete the Producer quizzes Jake on his obsession with timing EVERYTHING, from post run stretches to cups of tea! Note: 4 minutes for a brew is optimum. 👍🏽

We chat with fellow podcaster Ben Sheppard, host of Why in the World - a show all about extraordinary people who thrive on a life of adventure! Go on, have a listen here (It's not cheating on us!)

#AskJake:  Each week, we’ll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it. On this episode, Rob wants to know “How to avoid blisters during a long run?”. Anti-chafing lubricant can be a good place to start, but for the full answer skip to 34:30.

“Remember, life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it….. SO STOP ACTING LIKE A D**KHEAD!?”

Episode 006 - "Lost mojos and the 'tiny' coach”

On this episode we chat to Morph - an experienced runner, coach, and Physio - about the cost of carrying a few extra pounds has on your marathon pace, and the ’small man syndrome’ he had as a teenager!

Jake shares his best tips and tricks to help you find your running mojo. This is audio from a Facebook Live that Jake did a few weeks ago. If you want more FB Live tips. then just head over to the Running with Jake Facebook page.

#AskJake: Each week, we’ll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it. On this episode, Rebecca wants to know “How much water should I take with me on long runs?”. Find out the answer by skipping to 28:15.

“Even if you ARE on the right road… if you just sit there you’ll get run over”.

Episode 005 - "The Ben Smith 401 Special"

We're REALLY EXCITED to give you the first of our special episodes..

This is an in depth chat with Ben Smith (Yeah...the fella who did 401 marathons in 401 days!). Since the record breaking challenge, Ben has appeared all over the TV, Radio and in numerous publications. He's also a motivational speaker and spreads his messages of positivity by making school visits.

On this episode, Ben speaks openly about his reasons for running, the importance of spreading positivity and tells us all about his awesome new challenge, "USA 2020"

If you know somebody who thinks running can't change lives, get them to listen to this episode! 

Find out more about Ben by hitting these links, and please support him in his brilliant charity work.

Official website :
Instagram :
Twitter :
Facebook :
Buy the book :

Episode 004 - "Injuries, goals and healthy flapjacks"

On this episode, we chat to Lisa; after a big injury, life got in the way of her running.  Will Jake help her back on track to find her mojo again?

Why a slight shift in mental attitude can make all the difference to your training and why it's so important to really care about your goal.  This is audio from a Facebook live that Jake did a couple of months ago.  If you want more FB live tips, check out the Running with Jake Facebook page.

Jake chases a complete stranger round a park and shouts "Excuse me...who are you running from?" again (and somehow doesn't get punched!).  VIDEO EVIDENCE is here!  Thanks for being an awesome sport Rebekah, from The Event Foundry (If YOU let Jake chase you around a park, we'll plug your business too!)

#AskJake: Each week, we'll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it. On this episode, Amelia want to know whether she can still run if she's got a cold".  Jake's not a doctor but says that if you feel the cold above your neck, then yes you can train to a lower intensity.  If however you can feel it on your chest, it's a "no no"!  (Skip to 26:10 to hear it)

"Everything that you ever wanted is just outside of your comfort zone.... so get out of YA GODDAMNED COMFORT ZONE!"

Episode 003 - "Defying age and a frantic Grandma"!

On this episode, we chat to Michelle from - She'll tell you how to make the world a better place whilst running.

Jake gives his Top Tips for time trials and discusses the benefits of including them in your training.  

We catch up with the LEGENDARY David Lloyd - who's defying the ageing process through a new found love of running - He's often seen overtaking younger people at the Nottingham Parkrun.

#AskJake: Each week, we'll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it.  On this episode, Lisa wants to know about the benefits of "strides".  Find out the answer by skipping to 31:20

"Run when you can, walk if you have to, CRAWL if you must, just never, ever, EVER give up!"

Episode 002 - "Chasing a Paralympic Gold Medalist"

Jake and Pete have finally agreed on the name of the PLODcast and they're in search of Paralympic Gold Medalist (and top man), Richard Whitehead.

Jake gives his 3 tips to feel less pressure and more enjoyment from your runs, and we talk all things running with Ultramarathoner Jacki Johnson 

#AskJake: Each week, we'll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it.  On this episode, Steve wants to know whether running with music is a good thing or a bad thing.  Jake thinks it depends on the type of music you're listening to; higher octane music naturally will help you increase pace, but that can lead to burn out if you're on a long run.

"A comfort zone is a beautiful place, BUT nothing ever grows there"

Episode 001 - The Pilot

Meet the team:  Jake Lowe is your host.  He's been a running coach for the last 10 years, training his clients one-on-one.  He's really excited to launch The PLODcast because it'll give him a chance to inspire and train his audience en masse.

Pete is Jake's Producer - In his own words, he's "not a runner guy" (but who knows what the first few episodes hold!)

On this episode, we investigate whether Jake's upbeat and motivational techniques as a coach actually boarder on harrassment or not 🤣.  We have a very honest chat with @TomWatts about his reasons for running, and Jake approaches a stranger who's running in a park and asks "Excuse me...who are you running from?"

#AskJake: Each week, we'll take one of your questions and Jake will answer it.  On this episode, Frankie wants to know how often she should take carb gels during her first marathon. Find out the answer by skipping to 28:30